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Comprehensive and effective surface protection solutions

Industrial coatings specialists

Beugin Garay has established itself as a leader in the national and international market after more than 50 years developing custom technical solutions for protection against corrosion, abrasion and industrial chemical attack .

We manufacture and install coatings with excellent properties and resistance to chemical and corrosive agents

Beugin Garay products and services are designed, manufactured and applied to meet the needs of our customers, offering a comprehensive quality-assured industrial surface protection service.

We submit all our products to demanding quality control checks to ensure their best performance.

The raw materials with which we manufacture our industrial coatings products go through demanding testing and quality control measures before their use in each process, to ensure we obtain the best performance from them and that once installed they entirely fulfil our customers’ requirements.

Beugin Garay: leader in the national and international market

Our comprehensive industrial coatings solutions extend to cover the international market, with our presence through local agents or licensees that offer the cutting-edge technology of GARAY, and that meet the specific needs set by us in the company.

For every need, a solution

Different industrial sectors rely on the customized proposals we offer in surface protection

Chemical and electrochemical industry

Thermal and nuclear power plants

Gas and fluid treatment

Fertilizer plants

Water and effluent treatment

Steel and metallurgical industry

Petrochemicals (refineries

Seawater desalination plants

Mineral treatments

Transport of dangerous goods

Paper manufacturers

Shipping and fishing sector

Food industry

Pharmaceutical sector

Metal equipment manufacturers

Thanks to the most advanced technology and to our monitoring and experimentation department, we carry out all our projects with the best guarantees, fully meeting our customers’ requirements.

  • Rubberised and ebonite products for abrasive and/or corrosive processes.
  • Spraygun-compatible products and laminates with reinforced polymers.
  • Elastic anti-abrasive sprayable products.
  • Industrial chemical flooring and concrete protection by:
    • Continuous and multilayer flooring.
    • Coatings with antacid tile.
  • PVC plastic boiler, fluorinated, etc.
  • Turnkey protected metal boiler-making projects.
  • Design and development of elastomeric applications, mouldings etc.