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The commitment to quality, health and the environment

Priority and always present in all our processes

Our group companies are aware of their role in preserving the health and safety of their personnel and the protection of the environment.

Our commitment to quality, health and the environment is the fundamental principle underpinning our activities and that, in tandem with our primary objective of customer satisfaction, determines the way we act, and manifests itself on a day-to-day basis in the following working principles:

Our aims are the improvement of working conditions

The preservation of the health of each of our workers and the protection of the environment

Internal management efficiency

based on a management system oriented towards continuous improvement, planning and prevention, to avoid costs attributable to quality defects, and to plan and implement measures that improve our processes, products and services.

Quality is the responsibility of each and every one

Of the people making up our organization, and requires their direct involvement and commitment, which means giving them the proper education, training and necessary resources for their own personal and professional development.

The care of our team

With a commitment to provide, to each of our employees, training and resources for their personal and professional development.

Choosing suppliers with the same principles

Close collaboration with suppliers with the same principles of trust and participation as our customers.

Development of new products and services

Expanding the range of technical and commercial solutions offered to our customers, with ongoing optimizing of existing ones.

Ongoing search for optimal environmental solutions

Consideration of the environmental aspects related to our activity, proactively working with customers and involving suppliers in the search for solutions.

Working principles sought by our customers and that meet their need to work with trusted companies

The benefit of this approach is improved working conditions, the preservation of workers’ health, the protection of the environment but also recognition from our customers that need to work with trusted companies.

All of the above, while always taking into account the fulfilment of customer requirements, and the ongoing commitment to add value to your business through the contribution of value to our own activity.