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Custom materials to our processes

We work with the materials that offer us the most appropriate properties and resistances for all our tailor-made industrial services protection processes

Rubbers and ebonites

Ideal for use with industrial chemical processes because of their great versatility and chemical resistance

We have a wide range of rubbers and ebonites; depending on requirements, we choose rubber or ebonite with the best performance and properties for use in processes for protection against corrosion, abrasion and chemical attacks.

The materials are chosen on the basis of each application, depending on the type of chemical product in contact, the temperature of use and the level of abrasion generated by the relevant industrial process.

Repair pastes are also available in addition to the above products; their versatility and chemical resistance make them an emergency solution to urgent problems.

Reinforced polymers

The best products for floor, wall and ceiling protection coatings

We offer epoxy, vinyl ester, polyurethane and methacrylate type synthetic resins and ceramic polymer reinforced resins.

Used mainly for floor coverings with new or worn concrete support.

We also have thermoplastic materials available such as polypropylene, PVDF and ECTFE (Halar) for use with all types of industrial equipment.

Each resin used benefits from a broad spectrum of chemical and mechanical resistance. Certain products can be pigmented (coloured) upon request.

The ideal material for anticorrosive protection coatings, designed to resist strong chemical and sometimes thermal aggression over long periods.

Ceramic coatings and mortars

The best option for mechanical and thermal protection of floors and equipment, with customisable thickness and shape

We have various types of mortars available: furans with mineral or graphite load, and phenolic, based on silicate resin. These are used for the laying and grouting of tiles and bricks. They have a high resistance to chemicals and temperature.

We also offer tiles and bricks composed of a variety of materials depending on the work to be done; stoneware, carbon, silicon carbide, basalt and Volvic lava.

Depending on their thickness they are intended for mechanical and thermal protection of floors or for the protection of equipment.