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Comprehensive service guarantee

We are specialists in offering a comprehensive, immediate and quality service dealing with corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack problems

In Beugin Garay we are able to offer our customers the most effective technical surface protection services solutions, to handle the most diverse and demanding working conditions, based on the varying needs that we encounter and with an immediate and comprehensive service guarantee:

Restoration, chemical protection and waterproofing of concrete in urban and industrial treatment plants

Mechanical and anticorrosive protection solutions for offshore structures

Protection against corrosion in gas desulfurization plants

Protection of water treatment and desalination plant filters

Coatings with rubberised products and polymers.

Concrete restoration and protection

Coatings of transport tanks for chemical products


We study every need, offering tailor-made solutions Quality-assured professional results

When the surface protection service is entrusted to our workshops, the resources we have available in our facilities are the most modern and appropriate for the tasks required.

A team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment, will study each job to be carried out, offering the best solutions to fully meet our customers’ expectations.

Workshops equipped with the most advanced technology and each project led by an experienced team

The various production stages performed out in our workshops:

Removal of coating where necessary

  • Manufacture of soft rubber or ebonite, by transformation extruder
  • Preparation of the surface by grit blasting, for which there are large spray booths
  • Internal and/or external coating application
  • Vulcanization in steam pressure autoclave (up to Ø5 m x 14.5m length) or with self-vulcanization
  • Painting
  • Revision and finishing, and corresponding movements thanks to our high tonnage bridge cranes, up to 50 tonnes.

On site

On-site jobs with qualified and experienced personnel. Teams of any size

There are many coating tasks that, due to their characteristics, need to be dealt with on site and with specific machinery. For this reason, at Beugin Garay we have experienced personnel specialized in carrying out all types of work on site, working in teams of any size.

Services perfectly adapted to the strictest demands and with continuous development

  • Elimination of existing coating with pneumatic/electric tools or with the help of modern induction equipment
  • Preparation of the support by sanding, brushing or grit blasting
  • Application of coatings (rubber or ebonite, reinforced polymers, ceramic coatings)
  • Pressure vulcanization (including the possibility of bringing a mobile boiler)
  • Scaffolding


We develop formulations of materials tailor-made for each job we carry out

With our integrated laboratory, we develop our own rubber formulations and ensure all the necessary regulatory controls are met in order to guarantee a service in perfect alignment with our customers’ needs.

We make the best use of the properties and resistances of the materials we employ in each project

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology – rheometers, abrasion devices, resilience devices, a traction machine, stoves, etc. – and has a specific area for conducting chemical compatibility tests.