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Beyond surface protection

Comprehensive solutions in surface protection.

Beugin Garay

Specialists in industrial coatings, for more than 50 years we have offered a wide range of services and products to combat corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack. Close and personalized attention, with a proven track record of providing quality-assured application processes.

Quality and the environment

Our commitment to quality and the protection of the environment are key priorities in all our processes, as well as the improvement of working conditions and the preservation of the health of each and every one of our workers. These are working principles sought by our customers and that meet their need to work with trusted companies.


We manufacture materials that offer us the most appropriate properties for all our tailor-made surface protection processes: rubbers, ebonites, reinforced polymers, mortars and ceramic coatings. These are the best anticorrosive solutions, ideal for applying to industrial chemical processes due to their great versatility, strength and durability.

Surface protection

We are specialists in offering a comprehensive, immediate and quality service in the fight against corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack. We study our customers’ every need, proposing customized solutions and offering professional, quality-assured results. Our services are perfectly tuned to the most demanding specifications and are continually evolving.

Great Industrial Group, European leader

Comprehensive surface protection solutions High performance with maximum strength and durability

Beugin Garay is an industrial group with a business presence in more than 20 countries and whose purpose is to offer a comprehensive, immediate and quality service to combat corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack.

We have our proprietary surface protection technology, and we are one of the leading companies in Europe in the development of this kind of solution.

We create our own formulations, manufacturing materials with the best properties

Our Beugin Garay own brand means quality is guaranteed

  • Comprehensive Service: Design, Manufacturing and Application
  • Technological Assistance and Technological Development Service
  • Tailor-made solutions for any and all problems that may arise


The most important industrial sectors rely on the tailor-made proposals we offer in surface protection.

For every need, a solution

Chemical and electrochemical industry

Thermal and nuclear power plants

Gas and fluid treatment

Fertilizer plants

Water and effluent treatment

Steel and metallurgical industry

Petrochemicals (refineries

Seawater desalination plants

Mineral treatments

Transport of dangerous goods

Paper manufacturers

Shipping and fishing sector

Food industry

Pharmaceutical sector

Metal equipment manufacturers

Commitment to quality

Every Beugin Garay company is ISO 9001 certified. Our plants in France are also MASE (Manuel d’Amélioration Sécurité des Entreprises) certified